Do you want to create digital products with us, learn about startups and have loads of fun in the meantime?

We’re looking for an operations manager

Do you have a can-do attitude and do you get excited by getting things done? Well, we might have just the job for you. Operations manager at Startup Studio Nescio is the most versatile position in the studio. Being involved in almost every project in the company requires juggling skills: keeping an overview with a keen eye for detail. One minute you’re organizing our next rooftop party and the next you’re knee deep in the financial administration of the company.

We are looking for someone who is not afraid to take charge when a process within the company is sub-optimal. Someone who is interested in human resources processes as well as coding and design. Some might call you a generalist; we’d prefer to call you our operations manager.

Hey, that’s me!

We are recruiting a recruiter

At our studio we so far did a pretty sweet job in crafting a multi-talented team of great people from across the globe. As we continue to grow, now is the time we need help to keep our recruiting quality and process at their peaks. That’s where you come in. You have some experience in sourcing and hiring a diversity of top performers with dito personalities, from tech to sales. You’re highly motivated, self-starting and you love to meet new people. Above all, you understand that in this role you will be working at the very heart of a company we built with love and dedication. A great opportunity for those who want to have a great impact. Power to the people. <3

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We are looking for a customer happiness manager

Do you have a passion for web technology, customer success and SaaS account management? And are you comfortable to challenge (y)our ways of thinking, change support systems and convince others to follow your lead, all to create customer happiness as seen never before? Then, dear unicorn, please come and join our team in Amsterdam.

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We are looking for gifted software engineers

Are you eager to surpass yourself on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re a junior coder looking to get propelled to the top? Or maybe a more senior developer that wants to be challenged by the best? Well, then our team of top-notch software engineers is looking for you.

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We are looking for passionate interns

So you like tech startups and want to learn more about them, but you’re not quite sure yet why. Well, we might be able to help you. During an internship at Startup Studio Nescio you’ll be involved in many processes, meetings and decisions right of the bat. We are looking for students who are eager to learn about public relations, marketing, office management and just about anything that a startup does.

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If your future job is not listed here, please let us know. We have invented positions before.