Our startups range from Smart.pr, a mature company in full bloom, to an early stage startup called Journa, still in private beta.

Founded: 2008
Stage: mature
Team: 22 people
Market: public relations
Clients: PR professionals

Hassle free PR software

Many corporate PR departments and PR agencies rely on the web application of Smart.pr to manage their public relations efforts.

Smart.pr, founded eight years ago as the first project of the studio, is the most mature company in the portfolio. The company is in full bloom and serves a growing userbase of corporate clients, international brands and agencies. Currently, the company has set its sights on international expansion.

Founded: 2013
Stage: growth
Team: 4 people
Market: online marketing
Clients: SMBs, NGOs, corporates

Amplify your announcements

Nouncy is a free social media marketing tool to create a buzz around your brand using the social networks of your ambassadors.

After its launch three years ago Nouncy has been used in all imaginable types of social media campaigns, i.a. album launches, national referendums, product launches, campaigns by NGOs and charities and festivals. Market leading marketeers by the likes of Red Bull are starting Nouncy campaigns all over the world.

Founded: 2016
Stage: private beta
Team: 5 people
Market: journalism
Users: journalists

Journalist portfolios on steroids

Journa is currently in private beta and will be launched soon.

Keeping an online portfolio up to date is a lot of work for a journalist. Journa is an ambitious project that’s using bleeding edge technology to help journalists to show their work on the web without losing valuable time.

Journa shows the work of 10,000+ journalists in The Netherlands and all portfolios are kept up to date automatically without any effort from the journalists themselves.

Founded: 2017?
Stage: pre idea
Team: ? people
Market: the universe
Users: organisms

Our next endeavor

We primarily work from our own ideas, ambitions and frustrations. There's always a couple of ideas simmering in our kitchen.

In coming up with new startup ideas we do not limit ourselves to the markets we are currently operating in. Heck, for all we know we're starting an app to train your parrot to manage you email inbox tomorrow.