Nescio rocks as an employer! At least, that’s what the numbers say… :)

According to developers, we rock!! A Cocoon survey with 700.000 data entries ranks Startup Studio Nescio among the 30 most popular companies to work for as a techie. And aren’t we proud!

Like all tech companies, we at Startup Studio Nescio want to work with the freshest and brightest in the industry. And not only that, people at our company preferably need to be able to crack a joke or jump a half pipe as well.

Surprisingly, these ramp-jumping, code-stomping unicorns seem to be hard to find. A challenge known to many in the country – or even the continent.

So what’s the good news? Well, last week another Amsterdam startup gem Cocoon published a list with the most popular companies for developers. Cocoon focuses on matching talented candidates with their dream employer. And hoping to be a dream employer, this list is highly relevant to us.

Cocoon analysed 700.000 likes and dislikes for all the jobs posted on their platform. Jobs of over 400 companies in total! A funny fact about these numbers is that they’re based on super simple binary metrics, leaving little room for vague interpretations. It’s just 0 or 1, you gotta love it.

So, [drum roll] among the 30 most popular companies out of these 400+, we rank 16! Sweet sixteen! We are thrilled to boast a popularity score of about 20%. The higher this score, the more often a job-seeker likes the company’s jobs. The average score is 14,39% by the way – and Uber convincingly leads the ranking, followed by Relive and WeTransfer. Big names that we are very proud to shoulder.

Of course we strive for an even higher position when this list is published again in the future, maybe even lead this ranking one day. Should you want to learn more about what it’s like to work at our studio or (even better) would you really like to join us, then please check out our job section or shoot us an email.

With love,

Team Nescio