Team Nescio came, saw and conquered at the Mudmasters Run

A couple of months back, two of the most outdoorsy and adventurous amongst the Titans, came up with the wild idea to join a Mudmasters run. It didn’t take them much time to get a big group of foolish enthusiasts together.

We have to admit that we underestimated the race a bit. As the event came closer more and more Titans dropped out. In the end the team consisted of a chainsmoker, someone who doesn’t like dirt, a person who never swims in anything else than pools with fancy tiles on the floor, an ex intern, an Italian without his swimming diploma and a young and sleep deprived father. What could go wrong, right?

In addition to running 12 kilometers, we had to tackle 30 obstacles. The fun thing about the Mudmasters concept is that you can’t do it alone. The only way to get to the finish is by deploying some good old team work. So, in the weeks running up to the event our mud-team managed to get together for some training runs. We figured we shouldn’t need too much training because wearing our lightweight high tech Startup Studio Nescio shirts should take care of the rest. It made us feel like professional athletes. Ok, semi-professional, but still 😉

Look at us being all excited right before we propelled ourselves into the mud:

12 kilometers, 30 obstacles, truckloads of mud, authentic Dutch weather, no injuries and a great achievement later this is how we looked. We were tired and extremely proud of ourselves, because we managed to finish the course in under 2,5 hours!

After the race, the very same outdoorsy and adventurous colleagues came up with the idea to set the bar a bit higher: we’re planning to join the 18 kilometers version of the mud race next year… So, if you are thinking about applying at a job at Startup Studio Nescio, think again 😉

Congrats Margot, Yara, Marieke, Nicolò, Pieter and Jasper!

Ps. here’s some undercover bonus material of the flying Titans ?