Nescio Summer Drinks – The Rooftop Poolparty

Reminiscing on the 1st of June is so much fun when you have such a great Rooftop Party to look back on. The headache afterwards has faded, but luckily the memories are here to stay!

For our summer edition of the Nescio drinks, we decided to go for a tropical pool party. On a rooftop. Swimming pool included. And boy, it sure was tropical! The sun was giving it his all and guaranteed everyone a ticket to the tropics.

As we promised in advance, things were gettin’ hot up therr. The temperature on the rooftop, that has an AMAZING view of Amsterdam, felt like 30 degrees. Luckily the cocktails were on the rocks and the refreshing beverages in the pool of ice were cold.

We love having so much people over who feel connected to Nescio in one way or another. As you probably have read before, our studio is known for being awesome to work for and guess what: we’re hiring. So if you ever want to dip your toes in our pool, or experience what it’s like to have a great time with our Titans; make sure to attend the next Nescio Drinks! Follow our Facebook-page so you never have to miss out on future events.

See you next time!


Team Nescio


Pictures by our talented colleague: Jarien Geels