Software engineer

Pambo Paschalides

Pambo was our first hire and he has been the backend warrior since day one. Upon meeting him you simply cannot ask why this guy is into backend stuff. You’ll see he breathes Python and will do so from the cradle to the grave. In all this technology he blends in a natural, unparalleled mediterranean verve, which adds to the taste of his code base.

What else we can tell you? Well, we all know a LinkedIn profile doesn’t lie, right? Here goes: this guy is an “amateur musician, old school rocker, aspiring chef, beer lover, software engineer, and above all, marriage material”. So seek no further, you have found what you’re looking for, regardless of what you’re looking for. This is passion at work. Has lots of love to give. Especially if you bring some rare’n’old Steely Dan vinyls.