Why you should join us for the next edition of Nescio Drinks

Nescio likes to drink. From wine, beer and fancy cocktails to sugary soda, healthy hipster drinks and delicious mocktails, Nescio loves serving it to his friends.

As Titans (people at that work at our studio are called Titans, it’s explained here), we spend a large part of our lives at the office together. That’s why we want to get to know each others’ friends, the friends of our friends and the friends of our friends of our friends. At least four times a year we open our doors to everyone, to serve them food and drinks and more often than not we end up doing a little dance together.

For our next edition we’ll be throwing a rooftop poolparty. Join us Thursday June 1st!

What we love even more than drinking with our friends is meeting new people. So, throwing parties has become a second nature to us. With free drinks, tasty bites, a great location and some remarkable party ideas, convincing our people to join is easy. Every edition of the Nescio Drinks the crowd grows. We see a lot of new faces and most friends become regulars.

Every season we add a different twist to the party. The ideas the team comes up with get more unconventional with every edition. At the first edition we hired a professional cocktail shaker to make twelve different types of Gin & Tonics. The gin got people to bust out the funkiest moves on the dance floor. Their legs did things they didn’t even considered possible before that night. It was an epic first edition, but for the most recent Nescio Drinks the team felt we should take some more risk. Because hey, we’re a startup studio…

We decided to move the party to our beautiful rooftop for a ‘Winter Edition’. On the morning of the event we heard it would be minus four degrees outside that night.?  After some deliberation, we concluded that if we could pull it off, people would be talking about that party for the next decade. We decided to order some extra terrace heaters and a big pot of Glühwein to hedge our bet.

That night we created memories that will last our lifetimes. Huddled up under the heaters with our Glühweins, we drank, danced and sang deep into the night, looking out over the frost covered city of Amsterdam. We even managed to piss off some of our neightbours. That’s quite an achievement, considering all of our neighbors here in central Amsterdam are restaurants, bars and clubs.

To find out about the uncanny party tricks we’re cooking up for the next edition, you’ll have to join us on June 1st.

Do you want to join the next edition? Sign up at our events page for the next event or leave us your email address to get notified when we plan a new event.